Monday, 29 August 2011

catch up

I began grinding again in the middle of July, only playing once or twice per week, and its now coming to the end of August. When i started i was given a $2000 bankroll, and was told i am allowed to play anything (within reason) under $25 buy-ins. When i started, i was playing a couple of MTT's alongside 180 man turbo's and 45 mans. But as the weeks have progressed, iv moved over more to concentrating on the $7 and $15 18 man turbo SNG's. I just feel a lot more comfortable playing these, and theoretically they should have less varience to cope with as of course they have a lot less players than the 180 mans. I also feel they are slightly less full of experienced grinders, and i also feel that the grinders who are 20 tabling, actualy play these pretty awful. Certainly around the bubble and when shorthanded i think they play far too tight, they dont shove wide enough, are more than happy to give people walks, and dont call nearly wide enough when im shoving pretty much any 2 BVB. Although not a great sample size as yet, i have played 160 of these games, and have made just under 400$ profit (plus a very small amount of rakeback through bonus'). Of course this win rate isnt maintainable, but id like to think i could consistantly make around $1.50 per game, and being able to play around 15 per hour, its a pretty nice income. I prefer playing these in sets, IE, i will register for 15 at once, and play them all out to a finish before registering for any more. Of course, this means volume will not be as high, however, i think it improves my win rate, because when coming down to the more important part of the final table when short handed, being able to concentrate better means making the correct decision, which of course is easier to do when you are not playing 15 games at once. Id like to think i can motivate myself to play somewhere between 10-12 sets per week, so this is what im looking to achieve over the coming weeks.

I have also played around 70 or 80 MTT's, with a small loss of around $120. When i first started playing again, i felt very rusty, and wasnt playing well at all. I really think the standard of play in online MTT's has drastically improved over the last couple of years, even at the micro stakes. Obviously at the start of an MTT, there are a few fish, but as soon as you reach the middle stages/later stages, everybody seems to play pretty decent. I actually found it pretty disheartening that my usuall style (which is pretty agro) wasnt really working as players have now found the ability to play back at me, and not just folding pre or check folding flops. I went pretty deep in the $5 2r 1a tourney, and was chip leader with 16 left but managed to bust 14th. It's ok, i didnt really want to win the $6k anyway. I sharkscoped every player with 16 left, and all bar 2 players were pretty much MTT grinders and had good profits over good samples sizes. No money in MTT's, everybody is solid!! Incidently it was one of the players i labled as a fish that ended up busting me :-)

Now moving slightly away from poker, im one of those people who needs to listen to music when i grind, mainly to help concetration to stop the complete boredom from creeping in. I have a pretty strange taste in music for a 21 year old, If somebody asks me what i like, i instantly say Rod Stewart, Elvis, The Eagles, David Bowie mixed in with some excellent 80's power ballads (and a soft spot for Robson and Jerome). None of that modern shite. Over the last week when iv been grinding/driving in my car, i have listened to nothing but The Beautiful South and Fleetwood Mac. I seem to have ran pretty good this week, so maybe id advise you all to do the same!!

Also, got a couple of nights out planned this week. It is Jamie Giles 20th tonight so we're all going out tonight for a classy night out [ ]. And a friend of mine who has been in Newcastle all summer goes home to Huddersfield at the weekend, so gonna go out to say bye to her. This will be a lot more classy than Jamie Giles night out [ ].

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  1. keep crushing sir.

    gogogogo. also found that [ ] money in MTTs because [x] everyone is solid.

    tried mixed games? they are still ridic soft for anyone with a basic understanding and you can put together a decent schedule of MTTs for them as well.